Making Money Online With a Home Business Is Not As Hard As You Think

So many people complicate what it takes to Make Money Online. It just isn’t that hard. It is simply about building and creating digital assets, filling them with niche based content and then promoting them. Once Google picks up on your content then the hard part is done. What you get is a sea of traffic that comes to your doorstep looking for the content on those assets. Once they come to your assets you then redirect them to your monetized offer via a sales funnel.

So what are digital assets, you might be wondering? They are social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google plus. Just to name a few. Then there are YouTube channels and websites. So many options your head may be spinning. So which one is right for you?

Make Money Online With a Home Business- Pick the Digital Asset That Fits Your Personality

Are you a people person then maybe Facebook is the best option for you. FB is very interactive. You can basically share your life that is centered around your niche. You can do this in a group that you create or you can do it as a FB business page. It really is up to you.

One benefit to using a group is that people do get a kick out of belonging to something especially if it is exclusive, like a closed group. So what kind of content would you post? Well you can do live videos or niche related pictures. Ask thought provoking questions. You can ask the audience to help you solve a problem. Play games. Ask people to post content like selfies.

People that are less interactive but like being the center of attention could be good YouTube candidates. YouTube is a great place to share niche related information. You don’t even need to be on camera. Although I think the best videos are the ones where you can see the speaker.

If you are a real creative person then I would suggest Instagram. Instagram to me is like an art studio. You can share a picture about yourself. You can post 1 minute videos. You can take pictures of niche related topics. You can create artistic pictures. Really anything that is eye catching works.

If you are a real introvert but like writing then a blog would be great for you. Creating content through writing is an awesome way to draw people to your niche. What kind of content should you write about. Well people search the internet to find answers to problems or questions. So if you write about content that solves problems or answers questions then that is a great way to draw people to your content. One very powerful blog type is a review blog.

Make Money Online With a Home Business – Sell Digital Products

Lots of people are under the misconception that you have to sell tangible products to make money online. That is really not true. Digital products are awesome to sell because they are easily consumed. There is immediate gratification for the consumer and they are easy to deliver. Digital products can range from ebooks, computer programs, training videos or apps. You can make your own products or be a affiliate for companies like Offer Vault, JVZoo, and Click Bank just to name a few.

Make Money Online With Home Business – Build A List

Any internet marketer that is worth his salt will tell you that your main goal in niche marketing is to build an email list. The way you do that is by offering an incentive for people to join your list. This is the entry way for your sales funnel.

No matter what you’re selling be it a digital product or a physical one you need to create a optin page to capture emails and offer something of value in return. Then from there you will then have a thank you page that will invite them to see a video about whatever it is that you are selling.

After that you will offer them a link to purchase the item you are selling. Most people will not buy whatever you are selling the first time around. That is where a auto responder comes in. An auto responder allows you to send automated emails to the people that  you capture through your optin page.

You can then send them a series of marketing emails as well as some emails that have some entertainment value. After a while a percentage of people on your list will then turn into buyers.

The beauty of list building is that once you have built rapport with your list by sharing value and information you can then direct your list to look at other buying opportunities that may resonate with your list’s interest. In the end you can use your list to create sales over and over again.

Make Money Online With a Home Business- Promote Biz Opps

While list building is great for selling digital products and even tangible products another use for it would be to promote business opportunities like MLM’s or memberships. By creating niche content and then redirecting the traffic that comes to see it to a digital business opportunity presentation is a great way to build separate businesses. One of the key pieces of content we will be addressing is reviewing different business opportunities so come back often see if one them may be right for you.


In Summary

It is not hard to make money online it just requires some work a little know how and some determination. Just remember it is all about creating attractive niche content on various digital assets that brings people to you instead of  you trying to chase them.