Roberta here from Florida. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and also an Insurance Agent and Internet Marketer. For the last few years I’ve spent alot of time and money on the internet, chasing that elusive  “Golden Opportunity”.  I have to say, when I first heard about My Advertising Pays, I was skeptical . But, when I heard this webinar (if you arent listening to the audio above, go back and turn it on) I decided if I didn’t at least put my toes in the water to test it out for myself,  I might as well give up on trying ANYTHING else on the internet again.
I am glad I did. I started making money that night! A week later, I jumped in at a higher level and almost immediately saw my income building five-fold! My Advertising Pays (MAP) is a real life changer and seeing my income grow every 20 minutes, I have to admit, has me still pinching myself! I will be showing you on this page, how you too, can make excellent money, just by clicking a mouse.



Before I go any further, I just want to stipulate  that before going into any business venture you should take into consideration that no commercial venture, is ever 100%  without risk. The examples I show on this site are REAL and are from various members. However, everybody’s results will vary, based on  several factors, and are not necessarily representative of what everyone makes or what you should expect to make. Please see our full disclosure statement at the bottom of this page.



I’ve have seen few really good programs online, but I am literally astounded at the amount of success so many people have had with MAP over the last 10 months since it was launched and I will be sharing some of those proofs with you here.  I am sooo happy that I found this and you will be too, within the first hour you join. If you are looking for a way to make money, you’ll want to stay right here. I guarantee that you too, will not be able to sleep tonight. It is that good!


The results below are real but they are not typical. I am just showing you so you know what is possible, because it has happened already and many, many people are manking very good money. However, MAP is FREE to join and barring some rare or unforeseen catastrophe, EVERYBODY who participates in the business opportunity, WILL  make money. Period. How much you make is up to you, and I will tell you more about that further down the page.


This person joined Dec. 2013.  The check was writen on Sept. 6, 2014 (below)

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I have been in sales and marketing for many years as you can see by my LinkedIn profile .   I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this.  It is important to know that this is NOT MLM . There is no recruiting required and you need absolutely no experience in sales or online to make money. You will make money with no marketing or sponsoring at all.  It is refreshing to see that EVERYBODY makes money here, because it is NOT MLM or a pyramid scheme.

You WILL Make Money

So many times in MLM it is only the so-called  “heavy -hitters” or “gurus”,  with the large downlines and reputations who make the REAL money because only their recruits have access to their  ‘spillover”  and  “private” training and resources.


MAP is NOT an MLM and we do NOT recruit.  We have a simple, single level referral system that I no doubt, you will use at some point, when your friends start asking you about MAP, but it is entirely optional and I will cover that later.  The main thing to remember, is since there no ” downlines to build or maintain” , everybody on the team shares resources and big MLM gurus and leaders with large downlines and resources  have no more to offer than the “little guy”. Instead, whether you are a guru or a newbie, everyone shares and works together,  with literally “no strings attached” except a common desire to be a part of MAP, the most successful company we could have ever even dreamed of.