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Robin here from Florida. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and also an Insurance Agent and Internet Marketerr. For the last few years I’ve spent alot of time and money on the internet, chasing that elusive  “Golden Opportunity”. I can finally say that I have found my home with a company called My Advertising Pays, or MAPS, for short.I gotta admit, I am still pinching myself!

I’ve have seen few really good programs online, but I am literally astounded at the amount of success so many people have had with MAPS over the last 10 months since it was launched. I am sooo happy that I found this and if you are looking for a way to make money, you’ll want to stay right here. guarantee that you too, will not be able to sleep tonight. It is that good!

Before I go any further though, I just want to stipulate that the income examples I will be showing on this page are REAL and are from various members. However, everybody’s results will vary, dependent on several factors and therefore, the examples on this website are not necessarily representative of what everyone makes or what you should expect to make.
This business is very simple.
1. Join -Completely FREE for the first month.
2. Buy at least one advertising pack for $49.99 and advertise any business you like, OR, refer someone who does.
3. View at least 10 ads a day! Get Paid.

EVERYBODY makes money. Period. How much you make is up to you, and I will tell you more about that here.
In case you missed it, I did not say that you must “Sponsor” new recruits to make money in this business.. We are NOT an MLM that pays you fractions of pennies 5, 6 7 levels deep. But, when you are bursting at the seams to tell your friends (which you will be), we have a very generous 1 level affiiate program. So, to repeat, you do NOT have to sponsor anyone to make money, good money, but if you do, you’ll see faster results!


How To Grab a BIG Piece of the Billion Dollar Advertising Pie!

At My advertising Pays, (MAPS) EVERY member makes money. MAPS is an advertising platform and traffic exchange that sells text ads, banner ads and pop under ads and pays back its’ revenues to it’s members.
(Note- example earnings shown on this website are from a variety real members and may not represent typical earnings)


The timing for this business is perfect– Just ask GOOGLE! Online advertsing has now become a billion dollar industry.  How would you like to get a piece of  those profits? And I don’t mean a small piece, as in receiving fractions of pennies. I mean a REALLY BIG PIECE of the pie.
Making ALOT of money is verry possible, with MAPS. In fact, EVERY member makes money. How much money depends on you.Just watch the video below.

How To Get Started Fast – Getting Paid Every 20 Minutes, Up to 72 Times A Day!


People are first attracted to MAPS for 2 primary reasons:

1. They are interested in advertising their primary business. Each credit pack buys 400 high value prospect who look at your ad for 10 seconds and 100 who look at your ad for 30 seconds.

2. The company pays back each member as much as $60 over time, for every $49.99 ad pack (“credit pack”) purchased, (after which, the pack expires).
So, in effect, the advertising is FREE, quality advertising, and  they get a 120% return on their advertising dollars! Who would say NO to that?

MAPS is free to Join and after a 30 day free trial at the 10% level, you can choose to remain a FREE member forever at a 4% return, or upgrade to the highest payout level, recieving 10% back on each ad pack (credit pack) purchased, Because the payouts are so generous, most will pay $99 every six months to stay at the 10% level.


Members are paid every 20 minutes, 72 times a day, based on the number of active credit packs in their account. They can purchase more credits at any time and speed up the earning process and also have the option to repurchase more ad packs with profits or of simply cashing out at any time.


The payment plan is such a strong magnet that it pulls in many high paying advertisers who also make excellent prospects for the other advertisers on the network.  The only catch is that in order to  receive payments,  each member must view at least 10 ads per day.  The result is an impressive traffic rate of  between 7% to 19% of highly qualified prospects, targeted to their respective markets and very strong conversion rates.



As a member, you can buy as many credit packs as you want, up to a maximum of 1200. You can start out with just one credit pack for only $49.95 but most will start out with a minimum of 10 . ($1,000) and for every $49.99 earned, repurchase another credit pack, with the eventual goal of topping out to 1200 for a very impressive ongoing income.
Equally impressive is a 99% retention rate, which is virtually unheard of— due in large part for the fast increasing numbers of full-time advertisers already making 5, 6 and now getting into 7 figures, through a combination of advertising their primary businesses, profit sharing and a generous 1-tiered referral schedule.
Everyone that refers someone to our program using their referral link will earn between a cool 4% to 10% (depending on membership level) automatic commission of the purchase price on each and every purchase of an advertising product that their referral makes. With these commissions you can be sure that you will create yet another reliable long-term stream of income through MyAdvertisingPays.com!”


Of course, no business is ever without risk and you must always keep that in mind when starting any new business however Mike Deese, a United States Air Force Veteran, who is the company founder and CEO has worked with his management team to do everything in their power to minimize that risk, because they have the full intention of being in business for the long-haul.  At only 10 months in business, We are just in our infancy, but the company has gone to great lengths to make sure that we are 100% legal We are represented by a highly respected MLM attorney, Mr. Kevin Thompson, who makes sure that we are at all times, in compliance. (Do a google search on him). Our platform is legal, compliant and there are plenty of reserves on hand and we are literally CHANGING lives!

If you are truly interested in making money online, don’t miss this and please do not hesitate to call, text or email me with any questions whatsoever!  I WANT to help as many people as I can to find what I have been so fortunate to find for myself. At 60 years old, I do not have alot time to waste on silly businesses and am just as excited to help others as much as helping myself. I am here to make money and to help you make money and you all the way. I cannot wait to meet you and introduce you to everyone on the team!
The bottom line is move over Google there is some stiff competition coming your way. My Advertising Pays is still young, but already, we are starting to make a huge impact, with over 70,000 members worldwide and as more and more advertisers hear about us daily, they are moving over to MAPS as their exclusive advertiser of choice.
So all I can say is after you read this page, is if you are serious about making money, just JOIN. Don’t overthink it. Jump in. Get Started. Do it! This company can change your life like it has already for many of us and I am looking forward to working with you.