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I have been in sales and marketing for many years as you can see by my LinkedIn profile .  I have never seen anything like this.    There is no recruiting required and you need absolutely no experience in sales or online marketing to make money. You can make money by simply referring, or without  sponsoring at all, but those who do , will make more.  It is not an MLM or pyramid, and there is no such thing as “spillover” advantage based on who your Sponsor is.  It is not a “ponzi” since even the first ones in must continue to participate in order to keep their income from drying up. It is refreshing to see such a fair and “do-able” sytem where EVERYBODY makes money.

Shocking Success!


Of course, before going into any business venture you should take into consideration that no commercial venture, is ever 100%  without risk. The examples I show on this site are REAL and are from various members. However, everybody’s results will vary, based on  several factors and don’t take into account any unforeeable events  and are therefore,  not necessarily representative of what everyone makes or  should expect to make. Please see our full disclosure statement at the bottom of this page.



The results below are real but they are not typical.  How much you make is up to you , the number of credit packs you buy,  and/or new members you refer and how well the company is doing, which I will tell you more about that further down the page.


This is our Team Leader, Simon who joined

Dec. 2013.  The check was writen on Sept. 6, 2014 (below)

The Holy Grail- The 1200 Diamond Club

Generally, most Diamond Members will tell you that they average about $1.00 a day per credit pacor, up to 2% daily.  Amounts will vary depending on all Global Sales everry 20 Minutes. Assuming a more conservative figure of  $.50 to $1.00.  here is what you might expect, once you get to the 1200 pack level and continue to maintain that level through repurchasing and referrrals.




The Power and Security of The Single Tiered Referral System

MAPS is free to Join. Everyone starts out on a 30 day free trial where they are paid 10% on all referrals. After that,  you can choose to remain a FREE member forever at a 4% referral commission, or upgrade to the higher 10% commission on all ad pack purchases of your referrrals for life!

If you plan on referring and/or want to re-purchase until you get to the maximum 12oo credit packs  level,  then you will need to join at the Primetime level.  ($99 every six months).  If you don’t plan on referrring for a while, you can stay at a lower level until you need to upgrade.

Everyone that refers someone to our program using their referral link will earn between a cool 4% to 10% ( depending on membership level) automatic commission of the purchase price on each and every purchase of an advertising product that their referral makes. With these commissions you can be sure that you will create yet another reliable long-term stream of income through MAPs!”

MAPs is 100% fair, legal and compliant, with a company vision of someday being in position to take on the  advertising GIANTS like Google and Youtube and Yahoo.

Whether you are brought into this business by a complete newbie who knows nothing at all about the internet, or the top earner in the company it will  make no difference to your success. You simply sign up with the person who referred you and you will be given automatic access to the entire team   training and resources  The system works and we have many new members coming onboard and others reaching the ir 1200 mark, daily.


You WILL Make Money

Whether you are a guru or a newbie, everyone on the team shares and works together in  a common desire to be a part of MAP. You are listening to our Team leader, the #1 earner in the company, Simon, who leads the #1 team, which will be your team when you sign up from this page today.

Astounding Dec. 30th 2014 Income Results for Our Team Leader

Here is a video by Simon on Dec. 30 2014 showing his earnings after 1 year.  Again, his results aren’t typical but there are many people who are reaching their 1200 pack level now who are also seeing fantastic results.  (Posting dates may nave been changed for easier reading)



Meet Just A Few Of Our 1200 Diamond Members

It is easy to understand the 99% retention rate even though it is virtually unheard of anywhere! – The sheer numbers of members who are already, making 6 and 7 figures in less than a year is amazing and that doesn’t include the profits from their advertised businesses. You can’t stop people when they are making money. Virtually, nobody drops out.


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