Mary Kay Review

Mary Kay Review

Mary Kay Review

The one industry that will have demand for along time is the skin industry. Everyone wants to look beautiful and if you are looking to sell some good products to make money, you are probably looking for one.

If you are new to the affiliate marketing business, you are sure to have heard the name of Mary Kay Cosmetics. The question is, are they as good as they claim to be? Let us find out in this Mary Kay review.

Mary Kay Review -About the Company

Mary Kay Cosmetics was started by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, out of Dallas, Texas, with just 5 products. Over the years, the company has managed to retain a neutral reputation, with some claiming that the products are not that great and the finance numbers are fudged as the company is independently owned, while the others have been satisfied with some of the products that Mary Kay Cosmetics manufactures.

Today, it sells products in several countries and has a devoted team of independent beauty consultants who love the products that they try to sell to others as well.

Over the years, the company has managed to withstand competition from names like Avon which shows that it has some takers if not many. In the world of cosmetics, new brands come up almost every other day, but only the best survive.

With Mary Kay being launched more than four decades ago, and surviving, it definitely makes you want to give its products a shot.

The company sells almost everything cosmetic product that you can think of – from the globally popular lipsticks to skincare – the team consists of devoted researchers and independent medical professionals who craft and test the products before launching them in the market.

Moreover, consumers have the option exchanging, replacing or even getting their money refunded if they aren’t happy with the purchase. With the company claiming that 90% of the customers are satisfied, you’ll have to try and see if you belong to that group too.

With animal testing now coming under severe scrutiny, Mary Kay Cosmetics doesn’t test its products on animals in North America but things are different in China, where its manufacturing plant does test the products on them.

This should definitely make one avoid their products if they are against cruelty to these helpless creatures. However, also consider that animal testing is legally mandatory out there.

Mary Kay Review Should you go for it?

Most of their products haven’t really lived unto expectations. Otherwise why would so many of their products undergo regular change in their formulation? Makes no sense to keep changing ingredients if you are so happy with your products, right?

Those who have tried Mary Kay Cosmetics stick to the basics like make-up remover and chapsticks as complains from eye shadow creasing to the lipstick drying up very fast are frequently heard.

Mary Kay is an impressive businesswoman who excels in branding, selling and advertising. However, the reputation of Mary Kay Cosmetics haven’t reached the pinnacle that she imagined when she launched this brand. Stick to the simple products and stay happy when it comes to this one – there honestly are better products to sell too. To see more on Mary Kay


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